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Containing health benefits costs

Containing health benefits costs

“Containing health benefits costs” is it your number one priority?

Willis Towers Watson April 26, 2022: Employers to tackle employee healthcare affordability amid rising costs.

Analysts at WTW polled 636 employers representing 10 million workers and found that 94% are naming healthcare costs containment a top priority over the next two years.

Are you making health benefits cost containment your number one priority? Controlling healthcare benefits costs is a must-win priority. As Warren Buffett put it, the American healthcare system, 17 percent of GDP, is a “tapeworm in the American economy.” But if Berkshire Hathaway, JPMorgan Chase, and Amazon, who together founded Haven meant to disrupt the healthcare industry, gave up on this goal, what makes you think you can change anything? As Buffett put it on May 16, 2021, “the tapeworm won.” Yet this priority can be the difference between making your numbers and a corner office or someone else in your parking spot.

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Next, imagine your business when you eliminate 20% of your number two line item on the corporate P&L – healthcare benefits costs. Then picture the admin costs of running a healthcare insurance company going to the bottom line. Now visualize returning the capital set aside for healthcare reserves to the general capital fund so you can make more widgets.

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